March 27, 2012

Data Entry Jobs at Megatypers.Com

Having too much time on my hands after losing my job for almost 3 years now, I have searched sites offering online jobs to earn dough. I have tried article writing and it burns me out researching for a certain topic assigned to write. Writing makes your mind absorb different aspects of knowledge while improving your English grammar and sentence construction. Having limited writing skills, I was having a hard time to finish even two 500 words per article a day. Checking for redundancy and entering the finished article to a website that checks plagiarism consumes more of my time before it will be accepted by my employer.

The web is full of scammers and people taking advantage of gullible online job applicants. I have been a victim once where my articles where not paid after I have given so much of my time to write several of them and sending it to my employer. Searching for another online job lead me to discover Megatypers.Com offering payment by letting you register on their site and begin work immediately by typing captcha codes. I was reluctant and unbelieving at first that this very simple job will pay me some bucks. But, I still gave it a try and work for just 2 hours each day. They promise to send payment after reaching a minimum of 3 dollars worth of work. The payment is processed every Monday per week and they also offer affiliate program so that you can earn more money.

After a week of work for just two hours a day I was surprised that they really pay. Although it is not a big amount but being a legitimate online job without so much fuzz in my part is already sufficient to me. No deadlines, worked anytime I like and that’s all; I got paid for my effort.

Here is the proof of payment they sent me. I will certainly give a few hours a day to login to this site and earn some amount. It is much better than having no income at all. For more information, read carefully the guide and help section of their site. It’s very simple and worth a try. At the same time, you will also hone your typing skills.

If you like to give it a try sign up here:


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