March 27, 2012

Data Entry Jobs at Megatypers.Com

Having too much time on my hands after losing my job for almost 3 years now, I have searched sites offering online jobs to earn dough. I have tried article writing and it burns me out researching for a certain topic assigned to write. Writing makes your mind absorb different aspects of knowledge while improving your English grammar and sentence construction. Having limited writing skills, I was having a hard time to finish even two 500 words per article a day. Checking for redundancy and entering the finished article to a website that checks plagiarism consumes more of my time before it will be accepted by my employer.

The web is full of scammers and people taking advantage of gullible online job applicants. I have been a victim once where my articles where not paid after I have given so much of my time to write several of them and sending it to my employer. Searching for another online job lead me to discover Megatypers.Com offering payment by letting you register on their site and begin work immediately by typing captcha codes. I was reluctant and unbelieving at first that this very simple job will pay me some bucks. But, I still gave it a try and work for just 2 hours each day. They promise to send payment after reaching a minimum of 3 dollars worth of work. The payment is processed every Monday per week and they also offer affiliate program so that you can earn more money.

After a week of work for just two hours a day I was surprised that they really pay. Although it is not a big amount but being a legitimate online job without so much fuzz in my part is already sufficient to me. No deadlines, worked anytime I like and that’s all; I got paid for my effort.

Here is the proof of payment they sent me. I will certainly give a few hours a day to login to this site and earn some amount. It is much better than having no income at all. For more information, read carefully the guide and help section of their site. It’s very simple and worth a try. At the same time, you will also hone your typing skills.

If you like to give it a try sign up here:


March 26, 2012

Things to Know Before Getting a Breast Enhancement Surgery

Currently, increasing numbers of men and women are getting the services of a plastic surgeon to correct body flaws or enhance their beauty through different procedures available. It is now possible to get rid of excess body fats without going through strenuous workout and exercise. Deformation caused by accidents and other mishaps can be repaired through plastic surgery. Aging symptoms like wrinkles, crow’s feet, skin discoloration and other problems can be fixed through invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures. Ptosis or sagging breasts in women are easily restored with the proper type of breast surgery.

Before spending your hard-earned bucks for such procedures, it is important to know the best surgical techniques before undergoing that much-desired breast augmentation. To restore the firmness of the breast, silicon prosthesis is filled with saline solution, silicon gel or alternative fillers and embedded into each breast. These surgical procedures can take as much as two hours or more to complete. A qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon can do an excellent job with minor side effects, which is natural when undergoing surgery.

The cost of having these implants is not cheap. You will have to shell out between 14,000 to 16,000 dollars to get a breast surgery in the United States or in the United Kingdom. However, it is much cheaper if you opt to have a breast augmentation in Asian countries such as Thailand, which cost more than 3,000 US dollars, or 5,000 to 7,000 US dollars in Singapore. Although the average cost of breast surgery differs from country to country, it is not a guarantee that the most expensive or the cheapest will satisfy every client that undergoes this kind of cosmetic procedure. Aside from the usual breast surgeon’s fees, the cost for travel, anesthesia, facilities, laboratory fees, post-operation care and medications must be considered. It is advisable to gather all information and reviews on the background of a plastic surgeon and his or her achievements before deciding to contract their services.

Ultimately, every breast surgery procedure and its cost are different for each patient. Factors that can vary the rates are often caused by the degree of complexity in placing the implant, the type of material used and the place it was performed. It is usually costly to have a breast implant at highly-urbanized cities or affluent places since plastic surgeons in these areas charged more for the use of their facilities and professional fees. These are just some of the things to mull over to fit your budget in case you decide to undertake the aesthetic procedure.

March 24, 2012

Active Manuka Honey: Effective Treatment for Heartburn

Heartburn or GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease is a persistent condition wherein the stomach acid hydrochloric acid) goes up to the esophagus which creates irritation and if not treated will lead to esophageal ulcer. The cause of acid reflux is not fully established but studies found out that most GERD patients are pregnant women, obese people, smokers and those who suffer from hiatal hernia. In addition, food rich in fat, chocolates, tea and coffee, spicy foods and fruits with high acid content are known to trigger acid reflux.

Over the counter medicines such as Maalox, Alka-Seltzer and other antacids are usually taken by persons suffering from acid reflux. This drugs contains several combination of chemical ingredient to neutralize stomach acid. Even though these provide relief, side effects like nausea, constipation and diarrhea are experienced.

Manuka Honey as Natural Remedy 

Manuka Honey relieves Acid Reflux in the natural way. The patient will immediately feel the difference after taking it. Active Manuka Honey will protect the esophagus every time when eating meals. Healing and recovery of the esophagus is faster than when taking antacids. Since manuka honey is natural, it has no known side effects. It is economical, backed up by scientific research, can be used for a prolonged period and easy to use. Manuka honey does not interfere with your prescribed medications but will complement it instead. It is also safe to use for pregnant women or lactating mothers. Just be careful not to give honey to infants below one year since their digestive system are not yet fully developed and may cause illness.

Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar

This is a great product that is 100% pure, active manuka honey with UMF 16 rating. It contains 70% calories per 1 tablespoon (21g) with 0% cholesterol and 0% total fat. This product is the result of extensive research and maintenance of quality and consistency. It is made from the finest organic manuka honey without the use of chemicals and pesticides. This fine product can be ordered at with free shipping. 

How to Treat Heartburn with Manuka Honey

You can take 1 teaspoon active manuka honey with a piece of bread before every meal and 20 minutes before going to sleep. This way, the honey will remain concentrated and will not dissipate in the bloodstream before going to the stomach. The purpose is to make the honey coat the esophageal and stomach lining to neutralize acids that will accumulate and push upward which causes acid reflux. If your heartburn is serious, try taking a teaspoon after each meal or when you experience sourness in your stomach. 

March 22, 2012

How to Get Free Continuing Education Units (CEU): A Helpful Guide for Nurses

Nurses as medical professionals are commendable of praise and appreciation. They are people educated to diagnose and supervise common sickness such as those of the aged or infants. They are capable to manage chronic illnesses and render a very broad array of healthcare services. Some of the care they provide is tantamount as those given by physicians.  They act as assistants to the physician and capable enough to provide frequent care to a patient. This occupation calls for a lot of sacrifice owing to their ever-changing shifts and always a helping hand during surgical operation or an emergency. Many important affairs are even shelved for some patient’s need of prompt attention extending beyond their scheduled hours of duty.

Every nurse knows that it is essential to keep up with modifications in the area of medicine. With advance research, modern methods and new procedures entering the scene, the best way to keep abreast is through attending nursing CEU forums. These ongoing training courses are often compulsory for renewal of nursing license. Most nurses also wanted to take these courses to keep up with the changes on their field of profession.

Getting CEU credits can be a hindrance for nurses who work on a 12-hour shift. Today, worries can be cast aside since it is already possible to acquire these credits easily from different accredited organizations. A lot of these organization offer free CEU for nurses through their websites. These are generally demonstration or pre-registration editions. Enrollment in these sites is free. Once the applicant signed in, the website sends the password through email. This password can be used to log on information such as the listing of classes open, expenses and number of hours assigned for each course.

Usually, these courses are conducted through voicemail, video teleconferencing and electronic mail. They are highly interactive since they come in multimedia and communication format. Online seminars and assessment sessions are likewise included. At the end of the course, the student can take an evaluation test and will be given the result immediately after. These can be done by the trainee in his convenient time.

The extent of curriculum offered up by these websites are very comprehensive and includes various subjects. Some topics are studies on Alzheimer's Disease, Breastfeeding Drugs and its Effects, Skin Allergies, New Tracer Methodology, Food Poisoning ECG Interpretation, and Patient Care Conditions. A typical course last from one to two hours but others will take up as much as eight hours depending on the subject matter.

Other sources available that offers free CEU for nurses are government and private health institutions or clinics. Many medical centers provide on the site nursing CEU courses to update their staff on changes in the profession. Most universities and medical schools that offer nursing education also provide nursing CEU courses. There is a possibility that these institutions will charge fees for this courses but the advantage of this is that the lessons are more extensive. These courses might even qualify as advanced learning credits. The student nurses can take these course during their off duty period. Government health departments are now also providing nursing CEU credit courses. These are offered for free or at a lesser fee.

The Ingredients of Haggis: Scotland's National Dish

Eating the Scots' traditional food is not for people with a faint heart, especially if they are aware what it is made of and how it is prepared. While this food is considered as Scotland's national dish, it is widely accepted that haggis was brought from Scandinavia. Several recipes used to cook this food dates back around 1430. It was originally prepared from sheep offal and certain type of herbs, then served with “tatties and neeps” (Scot for mashed potatoes added with nutmeg, turnip and ginger). Eventually, a sauce concocted from whisky was added to the menu. There are many adaptations in creating haggis. A meat-free recipe for vegetarians is made with beans, lentils, mushrooms, carrots, turnip and the usual oatmeal, onions and spices. More people are now developing their love for the dish in spite of its unique taste and nutty texture.

The basic ingredients of haggis are the organs of a cow or sheep: the heart, liver, lungs, small intestines and stomach. While most people normally eat liver, others detest eating the remaining ingredients of haggis. The dish is generally prepared with the main ingredients, chopped and stuffed into the animal’s stomach and mixed with oats, onions, special herbs and spices. It is then boiled for several hours. This preparation is somehow similar to sausages.

Today, haggis is available in casings because more people prefer this form rather than the conventional way of preparing it. One can buy packs of cocktail-sized haggis, perfect as an appetizer on the buffet table. There are also pre-sliced, ideal for cooking in a microwave oven which is great for a quick snack. With so many companies manufacturing haggis, the traditional home-made cooking is still preferred by gourmets to relish its authentic flavor and style.

Since haggis is now banned for entry in the United States, you can make your own by using different recipes and purchasing the ingredients of haggis available at specific meat shops and supermarkets. This way, you can truly enjoy this food at home, at private parties or any other celebrations.

March 21, 2012

Things You Want to Know About Permanent Gold Teeth

In certain parts of the world, particularly in Europe, Asia and the USSR (Russia), gold teeth are worn as a symbol of wealth. Originally the costliest dental prosthetic in history, these are now set in lieu of healthy teeth or as crowns over filed-down healthy teeth. Gold is superb material. Permanent gold teeth almost do not cause allergic reaction. If a permanent gold tooth is highly smoothened, the gums oftentimes developed unto the surface of the crown. Rap music fashion popularized grills - false tooth covers made of alloy. Although several rap musicians have their gold teeth permanently attached to existing teeth, some people, mostly artists, models and designers prefer removable gold teeth caps.

What is a Gold Teeth Implant?

Teeth implants are permanent false teeth that are anchored in the jaw. They work fairly like genuine teeth. A lot of people favor them over dentures. Gold teeth implants act a great deal equivalent to customary implants, but mostly as an accessory. If you are thinking having gold teeth implants, be sure that you read completely the possible issues and complications of getting this surgical procedure.

Gold teeth implants are made up of two pieces. One is the titanium implant that is surgically attached into the mandible, and the actual gold tooth. The latter is bonded to the implant and works exactly like a natural tooth. Since permanent gold teeth are durable, it can be utilized to for eating and cleaned like raw teeth.

The advantages of gold teeth implants are closely similar to other types of tooth implant. Since they are set in the jawbone, they don’t put strain on the other teeth. You don't have to be anxious about it falling from your mouth and you will be able to eat up whatever type of food you like. They don't need extraordinary cleansing, and you are completely kept off the awful effects of using denture paste. Gold teeth could likewise cause your mouth look more glamorous, depending upon your definition of fashion.

What is a permanent gold tooth?

Permanent gold teeth are usually fabricated by a lone dental technician. This lessens the labor costs of dental restoration and frequently covers for the accrued material costs. True enough, a permanent gold tooth endures nearly twice as long as a porcelain crown. This gives it a favorable provident term investment. A highly refined permanent gold tooth is attractive and gold crowns have been treasured by man since the early period. A permanent gold tooth takes in hot and cold, similar to a cooking pan drawn out from the cooking stove or refrigerator. It is common for a tooth equipped with gold to be hypersensitive for a couple of months before the tooth adjusts to the temperature changes in the crown. If a tooth has a root canal, there's no longer any sensation in that tooth. The tooth likewise gets very brittle and can crack. A permanent gold tooth is perfect for a root canal tooth because it does not have anymore hot and cold sensitivity.

Android Trojan Records Your Phone Conversations

Virus programs are getting complicated and relentless ever since it was introduced to the world of computing. These nasty scripts are designed to replicate and infect computers, destroying files and corrupting systems it was allowed to access. Modern day computer viruses evolved into different forms such as spywares, malwares, adwares, and "worms."

Each program has a different characters or “code” that performs a particular action when ran on a computer. Spywares and adwares can infect your PC without your knowledge by simply visiting untrusted websites. If you are an experienced user, it is easy to tell if your machine is already infected.

Some of the signs are slow performance, low memory, the appearance of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death for XP users and other abnormal behavior of your computer. With the advent of smartphones, these gadgets are not spared with the havoc created by these malicious programs. Trojan virus does not replicate but masquerade as an application ready to spring into action until such time it is used.

A previous kind of Trojan logs the incoming and outgoing calls made by the user of an infected Android phone. A new one that is discovered recently was found to be recording conversations between users and stores the files in the phones' SD card.  It is believed that the phone will connect to a remote server maintained by the Trojan maker. This enables the person to download the stored file saved in .amr format and use this information to compromisie the phone’s owner. However, the Trojan can only be started, it the user clicks the “install” button that has similarity with a legitimate application.

Owners of Android phones are warned to exercise extreme caution while surfing the internet and installing third party softwares. They are also advised to install quality antivirus on their phone to protect them from this new malware.

Arowana Fish: Good Luck Charm for its Owners

The Arowana is a freshwater fish that has scales with colorful, shiny and dragon-like in appearance. The fish is prized by many specially the Chinese who thought that it brings good luck, happiness and wealth to its owners. They are also believed as protection from evil spirits. The fish are often kept in tanks at home and at the office by businessmen who maintain the arowana creates positive energy.

It is proven by several owners that the fish can sense negative vibrations and show warning signs by swimming aggressively and bumping the walls of their tank when an intruder or an unwelcome person is nearby. If ever the tank is left open or its lid is not properly close, the fish will jump out to die in order to disperse the negative energies. It is also believed that arowanas can understand human speech and focus its attention if a person is talking. Some people attested that if you are talking about selling the fish within its hearing range, the arowana will commit suicide by jumping out.

These are the reasons why arowana is well-known to bring affluence and success for its owner. Many people who keep the fish claim that it will really bring wealth to their homes after having experienced it themselves. The fish is very popular among rich people and business tycoons of many parts in Southeast Asia.

The Importance of Arowana According to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system focusing on environmental balance. It is a study of people in relation to their environment, particularly their home or place of work for the purpose of achieving utmost harmony with all spiritual forces thought to affect all places.

The element water is very useful and fundamental in Feng Shui. The combination arowana or dragonfish and water is believed to produce potential positive results. In addition, a clean and pure water in the aquarium brings natural beauty that blends to areas that it is kept.

Feng Shui experts suggest placing the arowanas in the eastern, northern or south-eastern location of the office or house. It is not recommended to set the tank in the kitchen and bedroom as this is thought to cause sickness and financial problems.

Most of the Chinese owners believe that keeping an aquarium with 8 or 9 fishes inside the house bring good luck and fortune. People living in Southern China emphasized that the number 8 symbolize prosperity and the number 9 represent long lasting. These two numbers is regarded to signify luck.

Feng Shui and Arowana: How to Gain Good Luck in Your Life

Fish are believed to be providential in Feng Shui as symbols of good luck, wealth and prosperity relating to the element water. There are many types of fish that can bring good fortune to its owners. According to the study of Feng shui, flowerhorns, gold fish and arowanas are just some of the fishes which are considered auspicious to keep at home and in business shops.
The Asian arowana is very much revered by the Chinese and associated it with profusion and riches. An arowana is not a poor man’s fish and they are bred in a specialized and highly regulated fish farm. If properly taken care of, this fish can grow as much as four feet in tanks or aquariums.
According to feng shui theory, there are five elements that create harmony, balance and prosperity in our environment. These are wind, wood, fire, earth and water. All these elements must combine in order to maintain the force of life called Chi. Arowana in water is very lucky for most Asian people since the element of water has a direct relationship with the flow of money. Aside from lucky numbers, the color of the fish is also determines the purpose of its owners. Black fish is kept to counteract all negative and undesirable; the white and gold to boost wealth and red fish to develop job rank or clout. For business feng shui, you can select gold or yellow to increase sales and business traffic.

If you decide to keep an arowana for the purpose of attracting good luck, you should consider the shape, height, size and the placement of the aquarium. The size of the tank must not be too large. Consult an expert feng shui practitioner to help you obtain the correct lucky measurement using the feng shui ruler. Placement of the aquarium must be done in the wealth corner or a bright spot in the house. Ensure that the tank is well lighted and decorated with various aquatic plants to generate life energies. It is believed that when a fish died, it has absorbed bad luck intended for its owners. If this is the case, immediately remove the dead fish. Change the water in the aquarium and find a replacement.   

Do not place the tank under your prayer altar, since this will cause excessive movement of qi or energy flow. Never put the aquarium in your bedroom to avoid getting ill or experience financial problems. It is appropriate to set the tank in the eastern or southern location of your house. It will do in the southwest bearing but is not as powerful as the two areas. The northwest and west is conflicting to the auspiciousness of the other locations. It is advisable to place a red colored object or a bottle gourd to counteract the negative energy.