March 22, 2012

How to Get Free Continuing Education Units (CEU): A Helpful Guide for Nurses

Nurses as medical professionals are commendable of praise and appreciation. They are people educated to diagnose and supervise common sickness such as those of the aged or infants. They are capable to manage chronic illnesses and render a very broad array of healthcare services. Some of the care they provide is tantamount as those given by physicians.  They act as assistants to the physician and capable enough to provide frequent care to a patient. This occupation calls for a lot of sacrifice owing to their ever-changing shifts and always a helping hand during surgical operation or an emergency. Many important affairs are even shelved for some patient’s need of prompt attention extending beyond their scheduled hours of duty.

Every nurse knows that it is essential to keep up with modifications in the area of medicine. With advance research, modern methods and new procedures entering the scene, the best way to keep abreast is through attending nursing CEU forums. These ongoing training courses are often compulsory for renewal of nursing license. Most nurses also wanted to take these courses to keep up with the changes on their field of profession.

Getting CEU credits can be a hindrance for nurses who work on a 12-hour shift. Today, worries can be cast aside since it is already possible to acquire these credits easily from different accredited organizations. A lot of these organization offer free CEU for nurses through their websites. These are generally demonstration or pre-registration editions. Enrollment in these sites is free. Once the applicant signed in, the website sends the password through email. This password can be used to log on information such as the listing of classes open, expenses and number of hours assigned for each course.

Usually, these courses are conducted through voicemail, video teleconferencing and electronic mail. They are highly interactive since they come in multimedia and communication format. Online seminars and assessment sessions are likewise included. At the end of the course, the student can take an evaluation test and will be given the result immediately after. These can be done by the trainee in his convenient time.

The extent of curriculum offered up by these websites are very comprehensive and includes various subjects. Some topics are studies on Alzheimer's Disease, Breastfeeding Drugs and its Effects, Skin Allergies, New Tracer Methodology, Food Poisoning ECG Interpretation, and Patient Care Conditions. A typical course last from one to two hours but others will take up as much as eight hours depending on the subject matter.

Other sources available that offers free CEU for nurses are government and private health institutions or clinics. Many medical centers provide on the site nursing CEU courses to update their staff on changes in the profession. Most universities and medical schools that offer nursing education also provide nursing CEU courses. There is a possibility that these institutions will charge fees for this courses but the advantage of this is that the lessons are more extensive. These courses might even qualify as advanced learning credits. The student nurses can take these course during their off duty period. Government health departments are now also providing nursing CEU credit courses. These are offered for free or at a lesser fee.


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