March 21, 2012

Android Trojan Records Your Phone Conversations

Virus programs are getting complicated and relentless ever since it was introduced to the world of computing. These nasty scripts are designed to replicate and infect computers, destroying files and corrupting systems it was allowed to access. Modern day computer viruses evolved into different forms such as spywares, malwares, adwares, and "worms."

Each program has a different characters or “code” that performs a particular action when ran on a computer. Spywares and adwares can infect your PC without your knowledge by simply visiting untrusted websites. If you are an experienced user, it is easy to tell if your machine is already infected.

Some of the signs are slow performance, low memory, the appearance of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death for XP users and other abnormal behavior of your computer. With the advent of smartphones, these gadgets are not spared with the havoc created by these malicious programs. Trojan virus does not replicate but masquerade as an application ready to spring into action until such time it is used.

A previous kind of Trojan logs the incoming and outgoing calls made by the user of an infected Android phone. A new one that is discovered recently was found to be recording conversations between users and stores the files in the phones' SD card.  It is believed that the phone will connect to a remote server maintained by the Trojan maker. This enables the person to download the stored file saved in .amr format and use this information to compromisie the phone’s owner. However, the Trojan can only be started, it the user clicks the “install” button that has similarity with a legitimate application.

Owners of Android phones are warned to exercise extreme caution while surfing the internet and installing third party softwares. They are also advised to install quality antivirus on their phone to protect them from this new malware.

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