March 21, 2012

Arowana Fish: Good Luck Charm for its Owners

The Arowana is a freshwater fish that has scales with colorful, shiny and dragon-like in appearance. The fish is prized by many specially the Chinese who thought that it brings good luck, happiness and wealth to its owners. They are also believed as protection from evil spirits. The fish are often kept in tanks at home and at the office by businessmen who maintain the arowana creates positive energy.

It is proven by several owners that the fish can sense negative vibrations and show warning signs by swimming aggressively and bumping the walls of their tank when an intruder or an unwelcome person is nearby. If ever the tank is left open or its lid is not properly close, the fish will jump out to die in order to disperse the negative energies. It is also believed that arowanas can understand human speech and focus its attention if a person is talking. Some people attested that if you are talking about selling the fish within its hearing range, the arowana will commit suicide by jumping out.

These are the reasons why arowana is well-known to bring affluence and success for its owner. Many people who keep the fish claim that it will really bring wealth to their homes after having experienced it themselves. The fish is very popular among rich people and business tycoons of many parts in Southeast Asia.

The Importance of Arowana According to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system focusing on environmental balance. It is a study of people in relation to their environment, particularly their home or place of work for the purpose of achieving utmost harmony with all spiritual forces thought to affect all places.

The element water is very useful and fundamental in Feng Shui. The combination arowana or dragonfish and water is believed to produce potential positive results. In addition, a clean and pure water in the aquarium brings natural beauty that blends to areas that it is kept.

Feng Shui experts suggest placing the arowanas in the eastern, northern or south-eastern location of the office or house. It is not recommended to set the tank in the kitchen and bedroom as this is thought to cause sickness and financial problems.

Most of the Chinese owners believe that keeping an aquarium with 8 or 9 fishes inside the house bring good luck and fortune. People living in Southern China emphasized that the number 8 symbolize prosperity and the number 9 represent long lasting. These two numbers is regarded to signify luck.

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